Friday, July 11, 2008

So, here's what I know

Normally a FUNCTIONING radar will have lots of little dots where the planes are and next to the little dots are statistics of each plane, including but not limited to, altitude, location, speed, landing estimation (I just made that up). The Dublin airport radar only had the little dots. So this means that a human has to physically call each plane and get the info that the radar normally provides.

Well, that's just freaking fabulous. Don't you just love the potential of human error when you're on a big ass plane heading to Newark. Fuuuuun stuff. Apparently it's "fixed". The most interesting part to me is that what people are complaining about is the delays that it's creating. Are you KIDDING ME? Doesn't anyone care about the planes potentially colliding in the air???!!! Maybe that's just me.


Isabelle Baranda said...

HELLLLLOOOOOO....remember "it's all about me". People don't care that the flights were cancelled to potentially save their ass from dying in a mid-air collision. They only care that they can't make it to their weekend get-away.

I'm with ya sista...I'd rather sit on my toosh, twiddling my thumbs, for 5 hours than die in the air.

Have fun in Scottsdale and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

nikki said...

Thank you!!!