Friday, July 4, 2008

Isa! Dryer Update!!

As you may remember, my dryer needed about three cycles per washed load to get the drying done. And the water would somehow collect in a pull out container at the top. Over time, the space below the lint trap seemed to be wet and the container at the top stopped collecting water. As a result, the drying was taking longer and seemed to stop altogether.

After research was performed - following a trip to purchase a new one - it seems that there is a filter at the bottom that needs to be cleaned. OH! Really?? Of course - I should've just known...

You're supposed to vacuum this filter out. It was a MESS. Now, with the filter spotless, the dryer dries not only in one shot, but it's so freaking hot that I'm scared to dry my clothes on high heat and I open the window because it gets too hot in the room.

So there you go. I now have a working dryer. :)


Isabelle Baranda said...

glad to hear it! Did you ever try the dry towel approach?

nikki said...

I did but I didn't think that it was working. However, it seems that the dryer wasn't really working either so that was a big part I'm sure.