Friday, July 4, 2008

Oh yes...I was there

And it was COOL!! So now the only slam that I haven't been to is the Australian Open and I have a feeling it may be a while before I complete group. I did think that Wimbledon would be the hardest to get into, but my mom was able to score tickets with actual assigned seats in court 2. Geaux Mom!!

So as we walked up to the entrance, I had to get a picture of:

This is center court:

The only thing that I didn't love about it was the layout of the area. The US Open and the French Open have a much more open layout. It was difficult to see the entire area as you can with the other two.

The infamous Henman Hill. I think they are starting to call it Murray Mound since Henman has retired and the English are really tough on their athletes if they're not top notch. All hope on Murray. A lot of people think this hill is outside of the grounds so that anyone can watch on the big screen, but nope. You have to have at least a ground's pass. During the late night matches that would go on for hours and hours, this hill would be PACKED with people. When we were watching the match on TV, the cameras would pan over to the hill and when the people on the hill would see themselves on TV, everyone would throw their hands in the air and cheer. Great stuff. :)

Here are my seats on court 2. I did like that you had such a great view not only of the scenery but also of other courts. To the right were 3-4 courts where you could see a little doubles action.

This is where the players and rich people eat and sit to watch the matches on court 2. When we were walking over to the court we saw Roger Federer walking on the path overhead to his nice seat in the viewing area. Too quick to take a proof photograph. You'll just have to believe me. :)

The experience was great and I'd love to go back again. I do have a positive story about the famous queueing as my co-worker did it herself - 2 days in a row. The first day she went at 6:00 or 6:30 in the morning. She was given a card that said she was 1,467 or something like that. Shoe in as they give out approximately 6,000 tickets. They give out 500 tickets to center court then maybe another 500 to court 1 and then a batch for court 2 and the rest of the people just get grounds passes. She was lucky enough to get a court 2 ticket with an assigned seat on the front row! So basically she queued the morning of and had better seats than we did. Sheesh. Well, I guess she really did deserve it though - worked a lot harder to get them.

The second day she went at 7:00 and just got grounds passes. But it was good to know that you can show up at a normal time. The only downside is that play doesn't really start until 1:00 so you have plenty of time to spend all of your money in the Wimbledon shops.

We did of course get strawberries and cream and Pimms. Wasn't sure if I'd like the Pimms but it's gooooood. I recommend.

So for anyone who's thinking of going to Wimbledon, it's a lot easier than it sounds. And if for some reason you queue and don't get in, London is just a tube ride away!


Evacuee said...

I envy you and your Wimbledon attendance.

nikki said...

tee hee :)