Wednesday, July 9, 2008

And so it begins

The weather that I've been hearing so much about. When I left the house it was definitely overcast and a little chilly. I am wearing pants and a short sleeve shirt to work today and for my walk to work I wear these ballet flats that I bought at the gap for like $7. They're probably as cheap as they sound but they do the trick for the walk back and forth. I keep a pair of heels under my desk and occasionally change into them when I get to work. That turned out to be a good thing.

Once I got to the train station, the mist had started, but not enough to use an umbrella. Just enough to make my ironed straight hair frizz out (as much as possible with the straightening chemicals in action - best invention ever). It was definitely chillier than I thought it was originally - I would guess around 55 degrees. The train ride was super crowded, but I just read my book along the way.

Once we got close to my stop, I looked outside and the mist was a lot stronger than it was before. Definitely umbrella material - or "brolly" as they'd call it here. Fortunately my train station is actually enclosed so I was able to get off of the train and prepare for the rainy walk.

My walk consists of three long streets that I would guess probably take me about 10 minutes each. I opened my brolly and off I went. Now, everyone else has one too, so there's lots of moving the umbrella side to side to avoid clashing with other people. What started first was my cheap shoes - I think they're basically cotton - started getting wet and the water started to seep through to my feet. Then the rain/mist worked it's way through my pants. I had to look down to avoid the puddles on the sidewalk because the sidewalks are made of these really big stones that have probably been there since 1700. The stones are not even whatsoever so there are basically puddles in each stone. Bah.

I'm pretty sure that if the world was quiet and my ipod was off, I would've heard this by my third street: squish squish squish. On the third leg of my walk, I found 2 girls that were walking at my pace so I basically paced myself behind them and just put my head down and cruised. What am I, running a 5-K??

The biggest decision of the morning was weather to go straight to Starbucks or to go to the office first and dry off. I figured might as well get my vanilla latte fix covered first than having to go back out in the rain. Good decision. Once I got to the office, I got my heels and went into the restroom to dry off. My pants are still a little wet but all is good. And it's not even "winter" yet.

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