Saturday, May 3, 2008

Now that I've gotten that out of the way...

I can write about what I'm seeing and experiencing. I thought it would be easiest to put it all in a blog posting than send out tons of emails. We all know how "great" I am at communicating.

My first week was mostly filled with shopping for necessities and getting settled. I also did some roaming around the city center, including practicing my commute by both bus and train. I am living in Leixlip, which is about 10 miles from the city center at a straight shot (complete guess, by the way). I'll write more about my commute later.

Leixlip is a small town with basically everything that you need. The pub is bigger than four regular stores combined - shocker! Makes perfect sense. :p

Leixlip is Southwest of the city center and is a little outside of the M50 loop, which is their interstate. There's a decent mall in the next small town as well as a Home Depot type store (B&Q), a Best Buy type store (Power City), a Linen's n Things type store (Home Store and More), and a Walmart (Tesco's). The B&Q is as big as a Home depot, but the rest are much smaller. It's often difficult to find the things that I would like or are dreaming up in my head. I just want a dang alarm clock that projects the time on the ceiling and makes rain sounds at night!! How hard is that??!! To me, the city center will be mainly for work, shopping, pubs, going out with friends, to see bands, some history, touristy things, and outstanding food. Even though there is outstanding food everywhere.

I feel like I'm on an adventure with lots of highs and some frustrations of course. The weather will probably be a big one. Hopefully the summer will be better than the last summer. the weather since I arrived has been BEAUTIFUL!! It has rained a little, but most of the days are blue skies. I know that will change at some stage, but I'm appreciating it now. Apparently the winters are hell. Sweet. :p

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