Thursday, May 8, 2008

Differences - Part Deux

To add to my differences post below, I forgot one regarding the dryers here. Besides the fact that it's half the size of the ones that I'm used to, it also needs a little extra help to get the job done.

As we all know, there is a lint trap in dryers - no difference here. Still have to deal with that - no big deal. The big difference is that it actually collects water and you have to empty the water after every third run or so - WHAT?!

So, at the top there is a plastic tray of sorts that you pull out and carefully balance so that you don't spill water all over the floor out of the hole at the end. I'm guessing that it sucks the water from the clothes into this tray. Who knows how that actually happens. The dryer also doesn't do it's job in one shot - you have to run the thing three times if you don't want damp towels after your shower.

When I asked about this fun feature and if it's normal, the response I got was "Well, where does the water from your dryers go??" Me - "Um, I don't know. Outside?!" :)


Ken Wheaton said...

Yup, the water has to go somewhere. If you've lived in houses, there was usually that funny looking hose leading out the back of your dryer and either outside or into a vent ... and the steam, heat escaped that away. I think in the one dryer I had inside a New York apartment, we had a bucket that the hose emptied out to. And since it was a small dinky dryer, you have to dry your clothes twice on 60-minute cycles. So much for efficiency.

Isabelle Baranda said...

I thought in an earlier post you said Ireland was greener. Having to cycle the dryer multiple times to dry your stuff doesn't sound very green. On a side note...I heard that you can cut drying time by putting a DRY towel with the WET items you are drying. I'm assuming the dry towel absorbs some moisture..who knows, who cares. You would think I have tried this out..nope. My towels are upstairs and my dryer is downstairs..too much work. :-) Anyhow, you may want to try it out. If you do, tell me if it's true.

nikki said...

Yep - you would think that they would've figured out that running it three times isn't very green. I guess no country can be completely green. Thanks for the tip re: the dry towel! I'll try it and let you know.

Alina Pagani said...

I am guessing that our dryers emit steam from intense heat...maybe they use less energy and therefore more water, as opposed to steam??? so confusing.