Thursday, May 15, 2008

Geography 101

Now, some of you will probably say "Duh Nikki" but I thought it was important to share what I have learned. And based on the fact that some Americans asked me before I left if Scotland was in Ireland (no worries, not a a silly question - you know me and geography - I have no right to judge), I think that most people aren't really sure how it all works up here. Here's what I understand...

Scotland is actually in the United Kingdom. At the top. Also included in the United Kingdom, besides England, is Wales and Northern Ireland. We'll just leave Northern Ireland out of the equation for now as it just confuses things.

I have been told that I should not refer to the people that live in England as British because the United Kingdom is also referred to as Great Britain (a whole other post can be done on why someone decided to name it Great). The reason why I have been told not to call the English British is because if I do that, then I am including the Scottish and the Welsh in that distinction. So, if I say "that accent is very British," the Scottish and the Welsh would disagree.

So now it totally makes sense. Right?

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