Monday, May 12, 2008

Irish Names

I definitely wasn't expecting to have so much trouble pronouncing the pure Irish names here. I have come to learn that Americans (or at least I do) pronounce things just as they read them. Here are a few examples:

Eoin = pronounced as Owen
Siobhan = pronounced as Chivanne
Odhran = pronounced as "hey you"

Well, you try that last one! I've made a fool of myself by not saying it right and also by assuming that someone is female or male when they're obviously not - as seen by the name. I mean, obviously. :P


mom said...

It may make you feel better to realize that they probably wouldn't be able to pronounce many names in South Louisiana either. Ask anyone to say "Soileau". Hmmm, would probably say something like "Odhran".

nikki said...

Yep - that's true. I should know how it feels. :)

Another spelling for Owen that I've learned is Eoghan. Sheesh