Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Jeez - Does it have to be so screamy??

Ireland has their collective head in the right direction when it comes to drinking and driving. And as you may have guessed, they want none of it. This is quite a surprise for someone from Louisiana. You do three tequila shots just to take the driving test. :)

Anywho, their traffic system, from what I understand, involves a series of points if you are caught doing something that is a no-no. Once you rack up a certain number of points, that's when the suspending of the license and other not fun sanctions start to happen. They have lots of check points where they will pull people over for a breath test.

So, on top of that, there are these commercials that I actually have to change the channel or walk away from when they come on. It starts off with a nice little song and a couple by a rail at a serene intersection. Then along comes 2 cars and one is out of control and basically slams the other car into the couple on the rail. So, now the couple is smashed together and the guy is literally split in half and the girl is screaming (of course). The nice little song keeps playing while the girl is screaming louder and louder and there are crashed cars, a dead guy, smoke from the cars, and the supposedly drunk person wobbling around. Next scene is in a courtroom where the drunk driver is getting tried and the girl is there in a wheelchair.

Now, I don't think drunk driving is a good idea and I do think that advertisements are a good idea to help the fight of making it go away. But, does it have to be SO gory??!! I mean, SHEESH!

I guess the ad does do it's job though. I'll always remember the commercial and I'm sure so will everyone else in the country.

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