Saturday, May 3, 2008

$$$$$ =/ €€€€€

The exchange rate is great for the Euro and basically has been since the damn currency arrived. My frustration is obviously because my brain still works in the "how much does this cost? €20? Crap, that's like a frillion $$$."

Now, when I got my salary in the offer, I of course converted it to US dollars and it converted to a little more than I was making in New Orleans. Great - at least it's not less. I can work with this. I had heard that Dublin was more expensive than NY, which was definitely frightening since Louisiana is the cheapest state in the country - at least it seems that way.

The only problem is that everything costs the same (or more) than it does at home. So, if a lunch sandwich costs $5 in the US, it would cost €5 here. So, if everything "costs the same" and I'm "making less" (all in the look of the numbers - no currency involved), then definitely less coats, shoes, and purses for me. :p

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