Thursday, August 7, 2008

Yep, Paris is still there

I decided to check last weekend. We had a public holiday on Monday, so we flew out on Saturday morning and back late Monday night. Paris is just as amazing as usual. It's my third time there and I could do the same touristy things over and over. You can't get a glimpse of good ole Mona too many times. The Louvre is HUGE!! I bet out of those 3 times, I've only seen 1/16th of it. Just unreal.

One of the really cool things is that the Eiffel Tower is lit up royal blue at night. They also have the stars from the European flag on it due to the fact that the French President is the head of the European Union. It's beautiful really. We were able to get to the second level around midnight one night and when we tried to go during the day on Monday to get to the top, the lines were UNBELIEVABLE. Next time...

A co-worker gave me lots of great information, one thing being an intro to the St. Germain area. We ate there each night - great food. I'm wondering if when Amy and I went, if that's where the cool fondue place was - Amy???

Couple of interesting things about two paintings of Napoleon in Versailles. The one below used to have some sort of bird above all of the soldiers on the right, so they're all looking up at what used to be there. And, Napoleon's wife Josephine was in the painting as well, but when things went south she was removed as well.

In this painting, Napoleon actually added in someone even though they weren't actually at this coronation. This painting is HUGE and took many years to complete. Seems Napoleon didn't even let his paintings rest as they were - good thing the artists were good enough to be able to add and remove people at his pleasure. I thought that was pretty interesting.

I couldn't resist this one from the Louvre...

There are many more pics, but I'll spare you all. If you'd like to see the full set just let me know. I highly recommend Par-EE!

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