Monday, August 18, 2008

For all of those tennis fans

I finally had the chance to play tennis a couple of weekends ago. I was nervous, though, considering that most of the courts around here are a fake grass-type surface. I'm not sure if it's the same as astro-turf or not, but I would guess that it would be different - maybe not as tough.

The good thing about this kind of surface is that rain drains right through. This means that most people will have the chance to play even if it has just rained, but the negative side is that it doesn't drain enough to keep the balls dry. Therefore most people will have a big wet spot on the outside of their pockets. You get your face washed every time you serve. :p

The surface is definitely different than a hard court, but it's not as difficult as real grass. The ball does bounce higher than grass, but it can skid a great deal more. I had all of my excuses ready to go: new racquet, completely different surface, hadn't played in months, don't normally play singles... etc etc. The first set was a complete wipe out - 6-0. We only had an hour to play, so we only got halfway through the second set which we ended at 3-3. Hopefully that means that I was getting used to the surface. But that also means that my excuses for next time won't work!

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