Friday, August 29, 2008

Thanks, Karen, for my laugh this morning

Especially during a time of increased concern because of STUPID GUSTAV. And you're right, the one crazy line is just some "weather"person's (all PC) CYA measures. Because they don't know where it's going to go either.

The picture is small, but the crazy line is a blue one going to Mexico. And to quote Karen directly: "Yes, OF COURSE the storm will aim for Louisiana and then make a 130 degree turn Southwest suddenly!"

I mean, COME ON!

And then there's this beauty:

KFB: Old Fay says [Check out the light blue line...] "Maybe I'll go back to the ocean, no, maybe for land, yes, and then Mexico... oh way, no, there's Louisiana, I'll go there."

Too much.


Karen said...

Glad you enjoy those as I do... I always get a kick out of that when we're worried about the end of the world hitting again. I think that person is just reminding us not to take anything too seriously, I mean, how does that weather person keep his/her job anyway?!?! I'd start making shapes like stars or hearts or something.

Well, we're all back safe and sound now. Power came on at our building literally like 20 minutes before we got home last night apparently. We still had no elevators, so we unpacked up the 4 flights of stairs while the A/C was just turning on again. Cold shower never felt better!

Glad you are still enjoying Ireland, I still love reading your blog, though I hadn't in a while and had to catch up a bit!! :)

nikki said...

What a relief that everyone's ok and that there isn't any serious flooding. Counting down the days til the end of hurricane season!