Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tomorrow's the BIG day

BIG voting day tomorrow. The Lisbon Treaty vote takes place. I am surprised that it will take place during the week - seems like you'd get more voters if it took place on the weekend. But what do I know about Irish politics - nada.

Something interesting is that before every voting day there is a 24 hour ban on TV and radio coverage of the campaigns. The newspapers still have free reign. I'm not sure exactly why this is except that it may be to give the public some time to make their own decision instead of being convinced by others.

The feel that I'm getting is that the main issue with this vote is that not enough detail has been given to make a proper decision. However, on the flip side of that, I think that there is way too much information to provide and if the government tried to provide it all, people would be overwhelmed. They have published a link to the 500 page document that is the Lisbon treaty, but even the smartest of smart would probably get bogged down in the legal language.

A very wise man said to me that you're always taught not to sign a contract that you don't understand. However, none of us truly know the inner-workings of how a plane flies but we all get on them anyway. There's a certain level of trust there. I guess we'll see if the public is more trusting of the government or if people are skeptical.

Another interesting note about voting is that if you have a European Union passport, you can vote in Ireland. Therefore, the Polish people that are living here can put in their 2 cents. I guess the closest comparison to make is if people from Texas could vote in Louisiana. If you ask me, I think that would cause some turbulence.

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