Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The sneeze is connected to the...

Tailbone. Everything seems to be connected to that thing. In order to remain consistent, I had my "fall of the month" (see "Thank God for Tide Sticks") when I got back from NY. I was traveling down the stairs with little sleep to relax on the couch when the following happened:





(OMG, I'm still falling)


Immense pain begins. Now, this was one week ago and I still can't sit directly on my tailbone. I know what you're thinking, who does that?? But believe me, we all do. I can be sitting on the floor and move like a normal person to get up, and YEOOOH! Smack on the tailbone. The worst part is when I sneeze because no matter if I'm leaning over (worst way) or standing up, I still feel it pull down there. And there's nothing that I can do about it whatsoever. Just wait it out. I thought for sure it would be all fixed by now.

A co-worker here told me about her awful story when she fractured her tailbone. Apparently that was 4 years ago and she still has a little trouble here and there. If only I could've landed on one of the cheeks. Then at least all of the insulation that I store there for safe keeping could've been used for something good. :)

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