Monday, June 9, 2008

No trick photography here

I am actually cooking. Making biscuits to be exact. From SCRATCH!! My mom sent along this great e-cookbook that has lots of American restaurant recipes. Yesterday I made Bisquick, Popeye's biscuits, Manwich sloppy joes, and Outback Alice Spring Chicken. And it was actually all good!! Now, if I lived in Louisiana, I'd just go buy the Popeye's biscuits, but since I'm in a country that doesn't even sell Bisquick, it's great to have the recipes to make it myself. They don't actually have biscuits here. Here, biscuits = cookies. Their scones look like our biscuits but taste like scones. So there's a clear absence. And as you can see in the picture, the Bisquick recipe makes a TON so I have plenty for the future. Next on the list is Chili's steak fajitas. The cookbook is over 400 pages so I have a lot of cooking to do!

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