Thursday, December 2, 2010

Snow? In Dublin??

So, prior to moving over to the Emerald Isle, I asked Derek about weather as I was keen to get away from anything severe - tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes - and the conversation went something like this:

Me: So, does it snow in Dublin?
Derek: Snow?  No stupid.  Where do you think we are?  The North Pole?

Ok, so maybe it didn't go just like that, but that's the gist that I got.  Now, this is my 3rd winter here in Dublin (well, County Kildare actually but Derek won't admit that to himself) and I'm pretty sure that it has snowed every one.  And especially heavy last year and this year.  Enough last year that our friends couldn't even get us all of the way home on NYE.  We walked home and I lost my iPhone somewhere between the hill over the train tracks to the house...ahhh the memories.  From what I understand, this year is record-breaking here in little ole Ireland.  The airport has been closed for 2 days, and it seems we have enough salt but not enough money to pay the workers to put it down.  Give it to me!  Oh, and did I mention that not only does Ireland and Louisiana have corrupt politics in common, but also the same driving skills in snow.  It's not good!

Just because it snows, that doesn't mean that the errands get to stop.  So, I had to trudge my way through the snow to the bank and grocery store in the village.  This is a decent size walk in good weather.  Hills included.  A few snaps from the journey:

Dixie in her winter coat.

Catching snow

The house blanketed.

Where's me feet??

Maybe if we run, it won't be so cold.

Winter Wonderland - the field across from the house - high school at the end.

Oscar in his winter coat.

Good one!

First hill to climb - nemesis of many.

It ain't lookin' good for getting out of this neighborhood in any vehicle.  Everyone parks up at the top of the hill shown above.

Right on Dublin Bus.  A for Effort.

Come on big guy.  Cut us a break.

Da Village.

Um, pretty??  One big mess.

Alright you bitch of a hill - bring it on.

Help is on the way!

Thank you Lord for putting a decent grocery store within walking distance of my house.

Hello car.  Looks like we won't be going anywhere in you.  And you need a bath!

There's that same field and our house.  Taken from behind the high school.

Lots of folks having a Duvet Day as they like to call it here.

Ah well.  I made it in the end, complete with wine and the makings for an apple pie. 


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