Saturday, May 8, 2010

Where have I been, you might ask....

Let's see...what has happened in the last year...  I'll order the biggies chronologically:

  1. Got a big ole fancy ring.
  2. Became a house-girlfriend.
  3. Got another little puppy (Molly) for Oscar to play with.
  4. Brought Oscar and Molly in for the snippy snip and Molly didn't wake up  :(.
  5. Went to the US and got MARRIED! 
  6. Had a drink-filled celebration here in Dublin.
  7. Got another puppy for Oscar to play with (Dixie).  Intend to have no more bad luck in this area...
  8. Took a leap into my next career - I am full to the brim with fitness knowledge.
As you can see, the beginning of 2009 was a few smiles short of a kiddie birthday party.  But we are on the way up!  And of course, the most important update:

Lauren thought Sheila was back, but it was really Sheila's sister who had surgery to look like Lauren.  They kidnapped Jana and Lauren and started confusing everyone else, including Crazy Patty who had her own little surgery to look like Emily.  Of course the crazy look-a-likes met and hatched an evil plan.

So there you have it - your very own Young & the Restless update - now all of your dreams have come true.

At some stage I'll need to put aside the distractions of blogging, facebooking, and watching English and Irish actors doing their thang in the 1500s (The Tudors), to actually study a little anatomy.  What's that you say?  Don't I remember that from Mrs. Lemaire's class my junior year in high school?  If only....

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mom said...

What a year! Happy to have your blog back!