Monday, September 8, 2008

I now have a Mii on my Wii

The Wii has finally been set up and I was able to use it last night. I haven't yet gotten into the sports games: tennis, baseball, etc. Don't want to pull my back out just yet.

What I did do was the Wii Fit game. It's all the rage (I think it is even sold out here for a while) and a colleague of mine let me know that you can determine your "fit age". Sounds like tons of fun - I know.

You pick a profile that is similar to you - a little person with brown hair, brown eyes, etc. That's your Mii. It starts out by asking you a few questions: birthday, height. Then it weighs you - in kilograms! Much nicer as there are 1.9 pounds per kilogram so I was feeling skiiiiiinny. Then I got my calculator out and booo hooo. It calculates your BMI and identifies you on the chart of underweight, ideal, overweight, dead by tomorrow. :)

Then it asks you to do a few balance tests. Apparently my center of gravity (or "COG") is a little too the left. After the balance tests comes a drumroll and then - ta daaaaa - your fit age. Very nerve wracking process, but in the end I was:


So, I'm just as fit as I'm supposed to be I suppose. But I want to be fitter and younger! So, I set my weight loss goal and away I go. I did try a few of the yoga poses in the Wii fit last night and they aren't as easy as it looks. I can see how it would be great for toning. The secret is that since I now have a goal on "paper", I will get my butt to the actual gym and start eating better. Don't want the Wii to fuss at me. :)

UPDATE: When you step on the Wii fit board, I swear it goes "yeoww!" Now, is that really necessary???


mom said...

I've got to get one of those! A little worried about my wii age though!

nikki said...

On the Wii sports CD there is another fit age test based on your bowling, tennis, and baseball skills. On that I was 41. :(