Sunday, March 27, 2011

New favorite comedians

There are many good things about living here, one of them being exposure to a great new list of stand-up comedians.  Over the last three years I've come to know and love a bunch of them from England, Scotland and, of course, Ireland.  Here are a few recommendations and a little laughter break in your day!  There WILL be bad language.  Enjoy.

Kevin Bridges - Scotland - Once you figure out the accent, you're all set!

Des Bishop - Ireland - He's an Irish American, but mostly Irish now.  He was born in the US, moved here at age 14.  There was a similar occurrence between Derek and myself - logged in one of my early posts:

Danny Bhoy - Introduced to us last night by our neighbors: Nick & Imelda

And my all-time favorite, Michael McIntyre - England

And the famous Man Drawer:

More to come....

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