Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Young adventures

Nola had her first "my mommy is a hypochondriac so I had to go to the vet" day. She went from her normal playful self to sleeping constantly and very lethargic. She also wasn't eating or drinking. After a few phone calls to emergency vet numbers that no one answered, I did lots of internet research - cause whatever the internet says is true - and finally found the number to a nearby vet with a 24 hour number.

The result of the visit was that it was basically a big tummy ache from eating solid food (oops). In my defense, it says PUPPY on the bag. But oh well...I'm out of practice. Another possibility is that she may have worms. The vet seems to think that the breeder may not have wormed the mother as they should have.

He gave her a worming tablet and apparently what happens when they take one of those is the worms COME OUT. So I say, "will that happen while she's there with you???" Well, it didn't.

Current report = no worms yet. Let's hope the vet's hunch isn't all correct. She's much better now and sleeping as we speak.

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